Heavy Football CanCan Net Fabric

Price:        ₹  23.00
We, Lekisha Textiles, are manufacturer and wholesale supplier of heavy and hard foortball cancan net fabric from amritsar. We can provide you high quality hard football cancan net fabric in wholesale at cheap and best prices.
Heavy football CanCan net fabric is used to give volume to base of lehnga and suits. Heavy football Cancan net fabric is a mesh fabric and can also be used in traveling bags, seat covers etc. It is made of best quality polyester or nylon yarn as per best quality standards.
Heavy football Can can net fabric also know as ken ken or kan kan or simply can is available in various qualities and colours. Heavy football Can can net fabric is available in Golden, white, Cream, Maroon and various other colours as per customer requirement. We can provide best hard quality heavy football can can net fabric at reasonable prices. Current price of heavy football can can net fabric is Rs. 23.00